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Lianne Fournier named a finalist for the 2019 Great American Song Contest

The  2019 Great American Songwriting Contest placed Lianne in the Singer/Songwriter category for her song The Gift

2018: Lianne Fournier named the top finalist for the 2018 Great American Song Contest in the Adult Contemporary category for her song The Right Way,


The Gift

The Right Way

"The vividly engaging commonalities of the human experience lend to this song’s emotional effectiveness. As this original theme is both poetically appealing and musically compelling! So, it’s my pleasure to inform you that this song has earned a spot among this year’s singer songwriter finalists. Congratulations on a job well done. We wish you continued success in your songwriting pursuits. You clearly have talent for this."

"The engaging musicality aptly coalesces with the introspective poetic musings."
Judges' evaluations for the 2019 Great American Songwriting Contest

"Outstanding - Joni Mitchell like musicality and dichotomous wordplay comes across brilliantly. There’s no doubt that you have songwriting talent."

"Warmly engaging music perfectly pairs with the affectionate tone of the words."

"You clearly have talent for poetic language - and the effortlessly flowing musicality distinguishes this theme!"

Judges' evaluations for the 2018 Great American Songwriting Contest

In early 2018, Lianne Fournier released her first solo album, "The Gift", a compilation of 10 original compositions. She has created a unique fusion of folk, blues, jazz and funk. These songs have been written over a span of 20 years, stemming from her insights of the natural world to profound love songs. Fournier’s voice and creativity are evident on every track. She has teamed up with multi-award winning producer Don Benedictson and award-winning musicians, Murray Pulver, Daniel Roy, Gilles Fournier and Marc Arnould, (a.k.a. Ego Spank). This creative ensemble has produced an inspired combination of exceptional and distinctive sounds. 

The melodies, harmonies, and arrangements are refreshingly sophisticated. Fournier’s meaningful lyrics reflect her philosophical point of view and passion for life. Her catchy songs, combined with the band’s infectious grooves, invoke clarity of thought and powerful imagery.

Former Wyrd Sister and Juno nominee Lianne Fournier is many things: singer/songwriter, jazz musician, composer, recording artist, and music educator. She has performed with many individuals and ensembles at various venues throughout North America. Her composition portfolio includes pieces written for big band and vocal ensembles of various sizes. 

Over the years, Lianne’s formidable talent has brought her to the forefront of the Winnipeg music scene. In whatever she undertakes, she is an engaging performer and a compelling songwriter.