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The World Village Gospel Choir, “Make Me an Instrument”, independent release 2016


Honey Hill, “Northern Lights”, independent release 2015


Dan Frechette, “Woman”, independent release 2012


Various artists, “Soirée homage à Louis Riel”, independent release 2010


Dan Frechette, “Lucky Day”, independent release, 2005


Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, independent release, 2004


Edmond Dufort, “Ciel ouvert”, independent release, 1999


Pan Am Games Theme Song, “Americas Come and Play”, 1998


“One Day’s Growth”, independent release, 1998

Nominated for Best Jazz Recording at the 1999 Prairie Music Awards


“The Night of Her Insistence”, Wyrd Sisters song video, independent release, 1998. Winner of the 1999 Blizzard Award for Best Video


“Trouble in Mind”, WTN documentary series, 1998


The Wyrd Sisters “Raw Voice” & “Inside the Dreaming", independent releases, 1997, 1995. Nominated for Best Roots/Traditional Album at the 1998 & 1996 Juno Awards


Lianne Fournier EP “The Sound of the Voice”, independent release, 1993


Live recording of jazz for La Chêne, Radio Canada, February, 2003


“Friday Vibes”, live CBC radio broadcast, and “Culture Shock”, featuring the songs of Lianne Fournier, November 2001


“Un air de famille”, a feature on the Fournier family National CBC-TV (Radio-Canada), 2000


“En éclosion”, featuring various jazz artists CBC Radio-Canada, 2000


Festival du Voyageur “Télé-relais”. National CBC-TV (Radio-Canada), 2005, 1998 & 1999.

Du Maurier New Music Festival concert with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Terra Nova, CBC Radio Two: In Performance, Two New Hours and Arts Encounters, 1998


“An Evening of New Music by Lianne Fournier”, Arts Encounters, CBC Radio 1996