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Press Release

Press Release announcing Lianne's album The Gift. Release January 2018.

CD jacket

View the outside and inside jacket for Lianne's CD The Gift.

CD Booklet

The booklet included in the CD with the lyics and credits for The Gift.

Album Lyrics & Credits

Lyrics & Credits as a PDF file.

Press Release as text

Press Release announcing The Gift. Release Jan 2018. as Rich Text Format.

Lyrics & Credits as text

Lyrics and Credits as Rich Text Format.

The GIFT Album Cover

A 1500 x 1500px resolution JPG of the cover of the Gift

Video Frame CAPTURE

A frame captured from The Gift video of Lianne playing guitar in a field

Winnipeg Free Press 
Album Review

A JPEG of the article by
Jeff Monk/Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press  
Full Album Review

View the full review of article by
Jeff Monk/Winnipeg Free Press as a PDF

John Einarson Album Review

John Einarson acclaimed musicologist, broadcaster, educator, and author of 14 music biographies.

The Lance
Winnipeg Free Press

Honourable mentions for Lianne's songs with Songdoor 2018 by Simon Fuller

CJNU Radio Interview

January 11, '18 interview with Greg Gardner

CJOB Radio Interview

January 16, '18 interview with Hal Anderson

CFAM Radio Interview

January 5, '18 interview with Jayme Giesbrecht

CKSB Radio Interview

January 17, '18 interview with Martine Bordeleau

CKXL Radio Interview

January 3, '18 interview with Denise Lécuyer

Wednesday Night Folk Show

February 6, '19 Interview
with Mitch Podolack